People are scared to empty their minds
Fearing that they will be engulfed by the void.

What they don’t realize is that
Their own mind is the void.
-Huang Po

The Temple is a Buddhist Sangha/Shrine and a martial arts studio.  We are in Fairborn, Ohio and offer classes in The Way of the Kila, a kung fu martial art with roots in multiple systems.  The Buddhist sangha practices on Sundays and is a Mahayana Path called Mizra.  All students are welcome.  Martial arts classes are for teens up to any age.  If you are interested in children’s classes please contact the Temple for details.  Beyond martial arts is the internal arts of Taijiquan, Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Yoga.

Military are also offered a once a week class in the internal arts for those suffering from PTSD and stress related illness for free.  Just call for class times and requirements to join.

All new martial arts students, who are accepted to start to train, may train for one week for free to get a feel for the system to see if they truly want to become full time students. 

Private lessons are also available in all classes.

The director, Reverend Cicco, is available for spiritual counseling and has been a psychologist in Ohio for many years.  He has experience in the mental health profession and holds degrees in psychology and thanatology (death & bereavement).  Instruction in Buddhism foundations, history and teachings is also available to be set up and runs like a class.

Reverend Cicco is also available for public and private talks on Buddhism such as that have been given as schools, colleges and religious institutions.

Please call for class times, cost and information or e-mail us (

If you would like to be added to the Temple’s daily e-mail of Buddhist sayings and teachings please contact the Temple through and just ask to be added to the list and you’ll start receiving the mail.

The Temple offers the chance for anyone seeking to become Buddhists  which is called Taking Refuge.  Those seeking to enter the Path of Buddhism and wish to train to become ordained, training is available to all who inquire.  There is no limit to those who want to become priests regardless of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, economics.  Like the Dharma, it is open to all who inquire.

Red Lotus Temple
(937) 305-7211

Sundays Buddhist Practice
10:00am-10:45am Meditation
11:00am-12:00noon Dharma Recitation, Talk and Chanting